The Brotherland came about as a spin off from the Stiv Bators ‘Last Race‘ album. Kris Dollimore and Vom Ritchie were recruited by Stiv on their departure from the Godfathers and Doctor and the Medics for his upcoming album and last recording which was the infamous ‘Last Race‘ LP which sadly proved to be Stiv’s final record . Kris and Vom met up beforehand and began writing their own songs almost immediately which resulted in the 1991 album ‘Nightmares and Dreams‘. This was released on the German label King Size Records based in Düsseldorf and sold extremely well alongside an extensive German tour. The band were joined on the early dates by Nick Chown of Bolshoi fame then later Julian Parkin from Soho Roses on Bass. The band also played many shows in the UK and one show in France before disbanding in 1993 when Kris moved to the US and Vom to Germany. This is the first time this album has been released digitally.